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She works willingly with her hands.

– Proverbs 31:13

Family Life

When We Were Young

The Girl has always been a kiddo going on a wise elder. Her wisdom has always exceeded her years, but the last few months have been on fast forward. She's reaching that state of maturity where she is really starting to not only step into who she wants to be as a...

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Wait and Shake

We have had A LOT of stressful things happening in the bam fam recently. Some I will share when I can (hopefully soon!).  But for today, let's avoid real life and talk about THIS! Todays harvest was pretty exciting, although I could have let them go a bit longer ......

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A New Thing

I know you all may already be sick of hearing about my garden, but I love, love, love the manifestation of something new each and every season. It's such a fresh start. A built in do-over with knowledge from the last season to build upon. I don't know about you guys,...

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Eat, Drink, and Act Like a Sloth

We just did a quick trip to our favorite KOA resort, and one thing you guys always ask me about is the foooooood. Yes, friends.  I've trained you well.  Here's what we ate and drank during our quick 3 day / 2 night adventure: In true Mama fashion, I prepped almost...

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Home Projects

We Built A Wall

This year, to celebrate our daughter's sweet 16, we had a horrible ice storm. We went without power for 5 days, and a 35ish foot pine tree fell over in our backyard. It was not the birthday celebration any of us imagined, but this has been the year of COVID, so I...

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Family Life