I have been so focused on what I have been through in the last few months that I feel like I need to thank God for what I do have – instead of what I don’t.  Here’s a very small slice of a very large pie:

  1. Thank God for my faith.  What He has planted inside of my heart has deep roots and blooms year round.
  2. Thank God for my family.  They show me a glimpse of what God has to offer and are my heaven on Earth.
  3. Thank God for my home.  It has provided shelter not only for our family, but others in their time of need.  The beautiful noise that comes from it is a reflection of the love that is felt inside.
  4. Thank God for my body.  Although it may not look perfect to the outside world and it has given me some pain lately, I know it was a gift from God.  I know he gave me these eyes to see joy on Monkeys face and these ears to hear her giggle.  I know he gave my these arms to wrap around my family when they are hurting and when they are joyful.  I am grateful.
  5. Thank God for providing for us.  We don’t always manage our financial blessings in the best way, but we are a work in progress and He allows us the financial freedom to make mistakes and move on.
  6. Thank God for leading us to The Rock.  This church has blessed us in so many ways including the kids program, MOPS and all of the classes.  We have also been able to connect with some new brothers and sisters in Christ and feel very blessed every time we are able to get together.
  7. Thank God for grace.  Both His and others.  One of my dear friends Nina showed some undue grace this past week and it has completely changed my outlook. She has inspired me to really work to be more like her.  More like Christ.
  8. Thank God for my past and thank God for what He has planned.  I can’t wait to see my story unfold.
  9. Thank God for prayers that are answered, and prayers that remain unanswered.  Sometimes those prayers are the ones that really show how much he cares.
  10. Thank God for his only son.  As a parent myself I can’t imagine what it feels like to choose to send your child into a broken world, knowing his tragic fate.  I am broken and sinful.  Because of Gods gift of his only son, I am forgiven.  I can’t imagine anything I am more thankful for.

I challenge you all to thank God for 10 things this week.  Big or small, He doesn’t care.  If you want to share, please leave a comment.  Leave all of them, or just one thing.  We all have something to be thankful for, even in our darkest moments and this week is a time for thankfulness!