Today, Monkey and I bundled up and went out into the freezing cold for our first visit to preschool.

Little Blessings came highly recommended by one of Travis’ clients and a MOPS mommy also chimed in with a raving review, so we decided to check it out. We purposely went unscheduled so we could see the teachers and students in action. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed is the building wasn’t marked very well. I was unsure where to park, so I just parked at the front of the church, unloaded Monkey and headed for the doors. Locked. So we walked around to the side of the building and found all of the doors to also be locked. I called from my cell phone. No answer. I peeked inside the windows and could see a couple of students so I tried the phone again. No answer. Keep in mind in Colorado today we had a high of about 25 degrees, so I am getting impatient fast. We walked back to a different door and I called one final time and they answered. I explained why we were there and she said she could almost see me on camera and she will let us in.

We toured the facility and watched a few classes in action and I have to admit I was less than impressed. The classrooms were small and the students didn’t really look like they were all that interested. The tour guide explained because of the size of the rooms, the state will only allow eight students, instead of ten. She said it as though it was a good thing, but I have to say I don’t see it that way.

We looked at the playground equipment which was covered in snow and she explained the children go outside and play every day. I must have made a strange face or something, because she looked at me, paused and then explained when it is cold they just go for a walk on the sidewalk near the road. Again, less than impressed.

There were other issues that I didn’t feel right about (again the blessing/curse of discernment) but the moral of the story is we are going to pass.

I know I have been spoiled by the Auraria Learning Center, and I know that season has passed, but I don’t think it should be too much to ask for Monkey to have a nice preschool that we can afford.

I emailed the Montessouri School of Castle Rock to set up an appointment to visit their facility, but I am pretty sure they will be out of our price range. So… I did it. I went on to the Auraria Learning Center website. I couldn’t resist. I loved their program before and Brooklyn loved her teacher. Obviously that was almost two years ago so she wouldn’t have the same teacher, but to me that was always a place I was comfortable with and Monkey always had fun and learned so much!

They are located in downtown Denver, which is part of the reason Travis doesn’t want to go back there. He would like to find a school near Castle Rock so I can be just minutes away. His office is moving at the end of this month, therefore he will no longer be on the Auraria campus. He will still be minutes away, but his new position offers less flexibility so, understandably so, he is concerned. If Monkey goes into town with daddy, she will be there ALL day. It will mirror his work day since he will be driving her in and back home again. That is a long day for her!

Additionally, their program requires potty training to be complete. Monkey still fusses about going on the potty and has an accident if I don’t push her to go. She will say she doesn’t need to go, she will say she is ‘stuck’ and then, less than 30 mins later she is wet.

I also emailed the childrens director at The Rock for preschool recommendations and as I am sitting here writing this post, she emailed me back. She informed me our church has been applying for the preschool program and requested prayer. She also informed me they are starting a ‘moms day out’ program in the fall! I cannot believe what a Godsend that will be! This will solve all of our needs. Monkey will get a day out to start to learn the school routine. She will learn in a Christian environment, and one she already loves! I will get a day to go and be a person, instead of Monkeys mommy (not that I don’t love that too…)

I am sitting here completely in awe as He provides for us. I don’t know why I am still stunned after I have seen Him do it time and time again, but still I sit here wordless.