Today, I was sent to the hospital from the doctors office, for some follow up testing. While I was there laying in an awkward position, listening to Caterpillars heartbeat and the blood pressure cuff as it expanded and contracted, I observed the following:

  1. Latex gloves are no longer latex. Therefore, they are hard to blow up and even harder to tie, but it can be done.
  2. When you are sent home to pee in a hat for 24 hours, it has nothing to do with fashion.
  3. The door handles on all hospital doors are purposely designed to wake you up, so the nurse doesn’t have to do it when he/she comes in.
  4. When flushing the toilet, holding hands with your children is required. There is enough water pressure to suck one of them down, right along with the toilet paper.
  5. Valet parking doesn’t give any sort of pleasure when it’s provided because your waddle is too painful for people to watch from across the parking lot.

What odd things did you notice last time you were at the hospital or doctors office?