My sweet sister in law has been through hell. A few short years ago, she was living what appeared to be the “American Dream” including two beautiful children, a husband who worked hard and a house they could call theirs. Their focus was God and He was pleased. However, all of that fell apart due to various things, and there are days I know she is barely hanging onto the cross by a thread.

She turned 28 on Saturday and I really wanted her to know even though we have had our disagreements, I love her to the moon and back. I took some pictures of her kids to let her know I think she is a great mom, and to remind her to stay focused on them – especially when it feels like the world is crashing down.

Travis and I had a great time focusing the camera lens on the kids at the park… we are pretty sure they are used to being in the cameras eye. 😉

I love you Toni. Have a very happy birthday.





Travis actually took the one of their feet. I just love it so I thought I would add it here. 🙂