I have had a touch of a cold or something and haven’t been feeling all that great.  Easter came and went and we had decided to spend the day with just the four of us, so we spent the day relaxing and I actually really needed the down time.

But, as I am sure most of you know, even when the calendar says you have nothing scheduled, when kids are around there’s always something going on.  As Monkey gets older, I find myself really enjoying her more than I ever thought I could.  I know I say that every couple of months, but it is true every time I say it.

The thing she does that I love most right now is read. I love it because I am so excited for the world that reading will be opened for her.  I had started reading when I was 3, and I have never stopped.  I love to read.  I can learn about anything I want, and I can go anywhere I want – all through books.  I can’t wait until she discovers all that reading can do!

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As I’ve mentioned before she was the first in her class to start reading, and I think that jazzes her up for reading even more.  Her best friend got her Spiderman ‘I Can Read’ books for her birthday and it was just a matter of hours before she had them memorized.  She moved on to the books that I bought her last year and is now reading her Daddy’s old books.

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I loved that his mom saved them, and I loved even more that she trusted us with them.  They have gone to good use, and they just don’t make books like they used to!  I find it hard to actually hard to find quality hardcover childrens books.

Hardcover, softcover, she doesn’t care.

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And when I hear that sweet little voice, rhythmically reading the books that her Daddy read so long ago, I know that she’s may be a Daddy’s girl, but she’s a girl after my heart.