We had a dentist appointment at Peak View Dental today for Monkey to get a filling.  I was nervous for a couple of reasons.  First, my baby was getting a filling!  Second, we have had some issues with one of the staff members and usually when I am put in a situation like that I just stop going to the business.  However, Monkey’s cavity has been getting bigger and bigger and it was finally time to resolve it.  Also, it was hard to walk away because we LOVE it there.

When Daddy and I have work done, we get to lay under a warm blanket in a massage chair, watch a movie and have our hands dipped in parafin wax during the visit.  Seriously, it’s the Rolls Royce of dentistry.

Monkey has had such a great experience there and she loves to show us the flossing techniques they taught her.  Because of her experiences there, she absolutely loves to go to the dentist.  So, we were torn.

So, we prayed about the situation and decided to talk to the dentist about the issues we’ve had instead of walking away.  Dr. Jennifer was absolutely amazing when we talked today.  She was patient, took the time to listen and did everything she could to keep our business.  Because of her, we have decided to stay.  For that, I am so thankful because it is had for me to get Daddy to go to the dentist, and having to find a new dentist would have been the perfect reason for him to start avoiding the whole topic again.

I have to say, even with the economy so tight, it seems like customer service isn’t what it used to be.  Maybe it just feels that way because I am old now (32 next week!), or maybe it truly has changed.  Either way, it’s clear that Dr. Jennifer is doing what she can to create a lifetime full of beautiful smiles.