It has been so cold here.  One day, our ‘high’ was 15 degrees.  That doesn’t sound very high to me!

Last year we were able to attend the Parade of Lights in Denver, but this year we were debating because of the weather.  But, Daddy and I decided we would get the kids in their snowsuits and coats, A Christmas Story style, and head out.  One problem with that plan: the kids didn’t have snowsuits.

After a quick stop at Kohls for Caterpillar, a quick stop at Target for Monkey and a not-so quick stop at Starbucks for Mommy and Daddy we headed downtown.  Just as we pulled in, Caterpillar said “night-night” meaning he wanted to go to bed… um… how about a ride in the stroller, instead!?

The parade was just beginning to start, but we didn’t have the greatest view, so we walked farther down the route and found a spot where Monkey could see.

She was sitting in front of me, with a couple of other little girls (that we didn’t know) and they had a great time.  Every once in a while, I could get her to unglue her eyes from the parade and look up at me:

Brooklyn web copy

Caterpillar was still tired, so I held him for a bit.  Then Daddy held him for a bit.  Then Daddy held him for the rest of the parade.

L Sleeping web copy

But, even though his arm and shoulder were killing him by the end of the night, Daddy was a good sport.

Travis web copy

So, year two at the Parade of Lights was a success.  But we learned a lot too… like bring chairs and blankets!