Yesterday, all I wanted to do was stay in my pajamas and hang out with Monkey.  It was cloudy outside and I wanted to wallow in my own sadness about our marriage issue, but God had another plan.  I received a call that I was needed to help prep the crafts for VBS and even though I didn’t want to, I pulled on my big girl pants and went.  As always, God knew that’s what I needed.  Not only did I get a better understanding of how things were going to play out next week, but Monkey got to play with one of the girls from church who is her age (almost exactly).

It was so much fun to see them playing tea party, giggling and just being girls.  Monkeys closest friends are boys, so it was good for her to have some girl time.  We also found out the little girl is going to be in Monkeys preschool class in the fall.  Things were looking up.

I rushed home to meet my sister-in-law only to find out I had the drop off time wrong, and I was right on time.  Monkeys cousins were so excited to see her and they played in the afternoon sun up until I called them in for dinner, when Daddy came home.

It was Travis’ late night at work, therefore I didn’t make my girls night out with the MOPS mommies, but I quickly realized taking the kids to Dairy Queen was just what my soul needed.  The kids were so excited and they ordered the most disgusting, sugary ice cream concoctions (ie. a cotton candy blizzard) and as we drove home they giggled and shared with each other.

They all snuggled on the couch for a movie, and none of them made it to the end.  I made a cake for tonights dinner, and Daddy and I snuck outside on the front porch, to eat Swiss Miss cakes in the dark.

All in all, a day that I thought would be full of cloudy skies and pj’s, ended up being sunshine and giggles.  Its amazing how much a little push from God can turn the whole day around.