I know you all may already be sick of hearing about my garden, but I love, love, love the manifestation of something new each and every season. It’s such a fresh start. A built in do-over with knowledge from the last season to build upon.

I don’t know about you guys, but I NEED so many do-overs. The garden reminds me that truly that is how we are designed. The cutting away of the damage, the faith that something will spout from the soil, the way the plants NEED me to water and protect them. I probably sound like a crazy plant mom, but I go outside, check on each and every plant, smell the smells, see the fruits and hand water each plant every day.

That 10-15 minutes every day just puts everything in perspective, and it helps me separate the day-to-day work stress from the family and what is important. The fruits and veggies grown will in no way feed our family, but those tiny boxes feed my soul.

This week, the garden has started to delight us with signs of growth, and I am here for it!

Do you have a favorite pickling recipe? These pickling cukes are going CRAZY. They have grown out of the box, up the trellis and onto the deck above … so about 10 stairs high!?  Flowers all over them. Truly our best pickling cuke season yet.

The English Cukes are doing well too, but I hate how prickly they are when they are growing. What I love about them is I won’t even notice them, and then BOOM. A foot long cuke.

We are going out of town for a week – leaving in a few days – so I might need to harvest a few of the big ones before we go.  Should I pickle them or eat them with some Dilly Dip?

My peppers are fighting to hold their own next to the beans and cukes, but we should be able to harvest a handful of jalapenos when we get back.

We’ve also started harvesting our bush beans. This year I did two different varieties, and they are doing awesome … but I should have given them a little more room.

We already ate this round and I started freezing the harvested beans so we can do a big meal with them. We all love beans … I’m already thinking next year I’ll do a whole garden box of them to keep up with the family.

Last, but never least, my tomatoes. Once again, it’s a ‘feed me Seymour’ situation. I don’t know if it’s my soil combo, the light we get in the PNW, or if I’m just lucky, but my tomatoes grow like crazy. Last year, my roma’s were so completely out of control and we ended up losing the last bit of the harvest due to the Oregon fires / smoke.  That said, we were able to harvest enough for two big batches of homemade sauce. This year, I want to stock up the freezer for many months … so I did a total of 11 tomato plants.

I have two cherry tomato plants, which have already grown taller than I am, which is saying something, since I’m 5’7″ tall. Granted, they are in boxes, so they aren’t actually as tall as me, but it’s very close and they are no where near done growing.

I have tried SO HARD to keep the roots clear so air can circulate. While this looks like a freaking hot mess, this is only two plants, with one strong base each. I tried new supports this year, and I have to say I’m kind of ‘meh’ about them. If you have tomato supports you LOVE (that can support tall and heavy weight) let me know! These are cool because they have joints and you can keep building them taller and taller. They are disappointing because the joint part is 100% plastic, and when it gets hot, they soften. This combined with heavy tomato branches = leaning plants.

I’ve had to repair them several times, and last night, The Papa nailed wood supports to the patio and I tied the cages to the wood in an effort to keep them upright.

Don’t panic – we are going to need to replace the deck planks next year – many are rotten … so it’s no biggie that he nailed them into the plank.

Next to the cherries, I have my early girl beefeater.  She’s not been early, or that beefy, but to be honest, she’s between the cherry’s and romas, and they are certainly blocking her sun, and taking over her space.

After this girl, I have 8 romas. They are flowering like CRAZY, but still only have baby fruit. I was a little late planting, and they aren’t getting quite as much sun as last year, but I’m still hopeful. Fingers crossed we have a long growing season, and no fires (for so many reasons aside from my tomatoes!)

I have herbs and flowers too, but I’ll add them to a different post.

I’d love to hear about what veggies you have growing, and I’d love to see some pics for inspiration!