Daddy and I spent Memorial Day weekend cutting out a section of the river rock.

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Why must river rock be the filler for new construction!?  Our last home was the same way.  We moved piles and piles of river rock to get the backyard just how we wanted it.

Then we moved.

So we’ve lived here four years, and absolutely love our house and where we are.  So, the time has come to change our backyard into something a little more yard and a little less 7-11.

After moving the river rock, we leveled the area out.

That took all of Saturday.

Sunday we woke up early, ate a good breakfast and headed out to start assembling the play land.  Caterpillar was not cooperative, so Daddy ended up starting the play land with me hanging with the kiddo.

I watched the boy and conducted a study on the effects of spray sunblock that is running low.  Result: Crispified skin.

That sums up Sunday.

Monday rolled around and I couldn’t step foot outside without sweating like the day Daddy proposed.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty then, and it’s not pretty now.

Daddy put the rest of the play land together by his lonesome.

That sums up Monday.

Tuesday, Daddy went back to work, I pulled myself out of the sun-coma and let the kids play outside.  It was a swinging good time!

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Thanks, Daddy.


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