Yesterday we spent the day running around.  I got the chance to spend some time with good friends from MOPS and then I made a meal for a family from our church who had a new baby.  I had never met the family, so I stayed and talked for a while, since they are new to our church and I wanted them to feel welcome.

I left their house when I was supposed to be at the gym (30 minutes away).  I rushed over, and after talking to Daddy on the way over I realized I had completely forgotten our dinner.  Not only did I not bring it with us, but I didn’t even pack it before I left!  We decided to change our plans to include eating out, and upon arrival at the gym, I ran into some good friends from MOPS and church.  We chit chatted with them for a while, thus starting our workout even later.  It was worth it because I hadn’t seen them in a while, but I did feel the pressure to get upstairs and get started.  We got up there and ran into my mom and sister who were there for their nutritionist meeting.  We paused for a quick chat and then finally headed over to the bikes.

I was in my target heart zone for about 15 minutes when over the loud speaker we heard “All Lifetime Fitness employees we have a code 100 on the cardio floor”.  I turned around to see people running and then employees coming around and clearing everyone off the entire floor.  As we were being rushed downstairs, I saw a man laying near one of the treadmills.  Before abandoning ship, I said a quick prayer and rushed downstairs.

Daddy and I decided it wasn’t going to work out (no pun intended !) so we picked up the kids and headed to McDonalds.  The night was a bust, but for me, the fifteen minutes of excerise was better than nothing.

The kids were asleep by the time we got home so Daddy and I got to spend the rest of the evening together.

Today, the kids woke up early and have been crazy ever since.  Monkey spilled almost a whole soda I was drinking, and then hid it, since I was in the shower and didn’t see it happen.  Caterpillar hasn’t wanted to sleep or sit in his swing at all, and I am trying to pack and prepare for a girls weekend in the mountains.

After I firmly explained to Monkey that she didn’t need to hide things from me, she said ‘I’m going to go upstairs in my toy room, but I will come right back if you call me.’  In other words, she’s outta here!

After she went upstairs I could hear her sweetly playing. I realized that I have been running around, preparing to abandon ship, instead of enjoying the ride.  We’ve had some rough waters lately, but we are all here together, and I love this crew.  We work together as a team and even when the waves are high, we have each other.  And that is something I never want to abandon.