Today was my first visit to the chiropractor.  Yes, I know I’m weird.  I am 32 years old and never been.

The doctor was recommended to me by someone, and I have to say it was just okay.  I am not sure what I expected, but the doctor seemed uncertain about Hashimotos and said that he’d done some research on it after I had made the appointment and though acupuncture would be a good fit, which he also offers.

He did adjustment my back, which felt good, and then I did go ahead and schedule an appointment for the next adjustment and acupuncture.

However, I went ahead and also scheduled an appointment with the other doctor who had called me from his vacation.  He has mentioned in our conversation that his wife has Hashi’s, so I am hoping that since the disease is near and dear to his heart that he will be a little more in tune with providing symptom relief.

Our insurance starts over tomorrow, so pretty much everything going forward is out of our pockets, up to $6k/$12k.  I know we have a crazy high deductible, but unfortunately we’ve hit it every year for the past 3 years so it’s nice to know at that point we have (almost) unlimited coverage with a set cost to us.  I called into the insurance today, and they also provide unlimited chiropractic coverage, with no limit on frequency or time per visit.   Which on one hand, why would they limit it since most people don’t hit the deductible anyway, but for us it means we get awesome coverage once we do.  However, they don’t provide any acupuncture coverage.  I was a little surprised by that since holistic doctors are on the list, but whateves.

Today as Daddy was leaving for an appointment he said that I may just have to get used to the fact that I just never feel better.


Could that be?  It seems so crazy to me that in a world that has advanced so much in health and medicine that I could just walk around like a zombie for the rest of my life with nothing anyone can do about it.  Not to sound insensitive and harsh, but we wouldn’t let our pets suffer for years on, but I am expected to?

Right now I am refusing to believe that.  I don’t feel I’ve exhausted all of my options yet.  Six months ago if you’d told me I had to stick my own leg with a needle to feel better, I’d tell you to go jump off a cliff.  Yet, now I do it without batting an eye.  If God has taught me anything through all of this, it’s focus.  I am much more focused on what is important.

I spend time with Him daily, and I’ve learned to care less about the things that a year ago would have hurt my heart.  Things that don’t matter like gossip or judgment.  I pray for the people who fill my life with joy, and try to spend quality time with each of them.  I wouldn’t say that I am even close to being a good friend, but I would say that I’m a work in progress.

I like being adjusted by Him.  It’s good for my soul.