My girlfriend Chris and I decided to do a girls day out to the spa. Aspen Grove Salon and Spa in Castle Rock, CO had just opened and were offering $20 services, so we thought we would give it a try.

She called and made our appointments, which had to be scheduled a month out because of all of the traffic due to the grand opening. We took this as a good sign and made the appointments for a massage, pedicure, eyebrow waxing (hey ladies – I am Italian…), and a haircut. Chris explained to the receptionist that we were both pregnant, and asked if there were any products we should stay away from. Jo at the salon explained everything should be okay, but we could not get an ionic pedicure while pregnant, therefore it was a standard pedicure. Chris and I talked about it, and since pedicures are my favorite, I was fine with whatever they could do… especially with summer right around the corner.

Two days before our appointments we started thinking that we should double check to make sure the massage tables had a spot for Chris’ pregnant belly. She called only to find out they wouldn’t perform a massage on someone who is pregnant in their first trimester, therefore they had to cancel my massage. Because it was only two days before our appointments, the only thing they could offer me was a manicure. Boo. I was starting to get poopy about the situation, but really wanted to spend the day with Chris, so I agreed. What could I do at that point?

Upon arrival we found a beautiful waiting room. There was a small fountain with running water that just about put us to sleep while we were waiting because it was so relaxing. The interior of the salon had beautiful details and the woodwork had been handcrafted by a local Aspen designer. My in-laws have furniture in their cabin that was crafted by the same person, so I was familiar with the quality in his designs.

Chris started with her massage and I started with my haircut. They wash your hair in a quiet, low lit room with soft music and a very intimate feel. It was fantastic. Then I was off to my manicure and pedicure. They were both below average and only included a buff and nail oil. My fingers didn’t even get polished and my feet didn’t even get buffed or lotion. Isn’t that the point of a pedicure? She did paint my toe nails, but had to turn on all of the lights in order to do so, therefore the mood was totally killed.

We finished with the eyebrow wax, which I had never had before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how pain-free it was.

I tried to remain positive, and Chris had now joined me for her pedicure so I sat and hung out with her. She had a different nail tech perform her pedicure, and she was awesome. She did the services that would be expected with a pedicure and I liked her personality and work so much I scheduled a follow up appointment with her to have acrylic nails put on. While I was talking to her, another hair designer was also talking to us, and mentioned my eyebrows still needed to be cleaned up. She took me back in and fixed what the original woman had missed.

I went back a few days later to have my nails done and Sarah was awesome. She did a great job and I was really happy with her and the service she provided. We were talking about the previous service I had received and she admitted they had fired the girl I had worked with that day. Sarah agreed to give me an upgraded pedicure to make up for the horrible service I had received. The owner, Jonathan also came over and agreed the services were not their standard and said he wanted to make things right.

I went home really happy. I have worked in retail and other service industries and they did the right thing. I can understand the pickle they were in, and sometimes as an owner you just have to step in and make things right.

The day I was to go back in for my re-base and free pedicure Jo from Aspen Grove Salon and Spa called and explained Sarah had an emergency and she would have to reschedule. I said it was no problem, but she said she would have to call me back because her computer was down. No return call. I called four days later and spoke to Jonathan and explained what happened and asked if I could reschedule. He said he was updating the computer and would have to call me back. No return call. I waited five more days and started calling about every other day. Each time I call I receive the voice mail and this was never resolved. It has been three weeks since my missed appointment. I have stopped calling and I soaked off my nails. I have told my MOPS mommies to stay away, and I am letting the $40 go.

I hope eventually Aspen Grove Salon and Spa gets things going, because I love new business in Castle Rock, but I also know there is a lot of competition out there, and MOPS has already scheduled pedicures with another salon. I am hoping this salon will be my new salon… keep you posted!