This week has been so cold outside.  When I say cold, I mean freezing.  The ‘high’ yesterday was 7 degrees.

Yes.  7.  That’s not a typo.

We served at Operation Christmas Child last night (I could not take my camera in) and on the way home, at about 10:30pm, my car said it was -12 degrees (without the wind chill factored in).  Yikes.

However, even though it is the coldest that I can remember, we’ve been going along, working on our Christmas shopping and doing our every day things.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, Daddy bought me a new camera lens!  It is a great all purpose lens and I have been having fun playing with it and taking pictures of pretty much everything just to see how well it works.  Of course, I got the lens the day after my last photo shoot (pics to come on that!), but here’s one straight out of the camera.  This is Monkey going outside to get the dog bowls so she can do her chore of feeding the dog.

It is a great pic to show you that baby, it’s cold outside!