On Saturday we were blessed to have the opportunity to serve in a part of the Denver community that is small, but powerful.  The area known as Sun Valley is made up of about 1500 people, and of those 1500 about 1000 are children.

This year we participated in feeding them a Thanksgiving meal, and I know I am definitely coming back for seconds.


The contributions people made to the event blew me away.  The day was in part so successful because Mike (left) and Staci (right).


Mike and his wife Nikki have been blessing our family for a few years now, and we met them at the first church we ever attended.  I had not met Staci prior to this event, but her love for God pours out to all around her, and it was neat to witness her interactions with others.

One of the other key players of the day was Pastor of Tha Myx, Adrian “Age” Sandoval.


His heart is for the people of this community, and they are so lucky to have a man like him on their side.  I can’t wait to see God continue to use him to bless all of Sun Valley.

Anyway, back to the previously mentioned children.  I was completely in love with all of the little faces that came out.   From little babies:


To a little bit older, and a little bit sassier:


However, much to my surprise, one of my favorite people of the day was Dave.


I met him right at the start of the meal, and he shared his humbling journey with such passion and love.  This man, who has no physical possessions, has so much more then so many that I know.

Speaking of people that I know, this handsome little man is one of Monkey’s favorite people.


His parents were in our small group until they had to move about 45 minutes away.  They were the ones that let us know about the opportunity to serve, and our kids are at a great age to start understanding the importance serving.  It’s so neat to see how much their little hands can do, and I am so happy they trusted us to help fulfill the vision they had for the day.

Speaking of fulfilling needs, meet Josh:


Josh didn’t know anyone but Daddy and I prior to the event.  But, he came and humbly served, anyway.  I was pretty busy all day, and Daddy was busy with Monkey, but Josh jumped in and faithfully served this community.  I know there were many like him that day, but to see his servants heart in action was inspiring.  He’s considering serving again at Christmas, and because him and people like him, they day was considered a success.

And because of that success, we all have the opportunity to come back for seconds.