Daddy has been completely unplugged from his office since Caterpillar was born.  He started back part time today, and those part time hours are to be completed from home.  We agreed he would drop off Monkey at preschool, then go to the local coffee shop, just to make sure he had the peace and quiet he needed.  Plus, it would get us closer to the schedule we will be on once he goes back to the office full time.

So yesterday we decided to take Monkey to Chuck E. Cheese as a last ‘horah’.  However, the eight inches of snow we got yesterday nixed those plans.  Instead, we went to the store in town and let Monkey pick some ornaments for our Christmas tree.

We then kicked off the evening with pie and whipped cream for dinner (bad mom!).

Of course, two of the three kids I have decided to play with their food:

When did I have a kid that isn’t named Monkey or Caterpillar, you ask…

Almost seven years ago it became legal…

But, Monkey isn’t the only one that Daddy charms.  He keeps me smiling too.

Speaking of smiling…

Guess who liked hanging out with mama in the empty house today:

Eat your heart out Daddy!