I went to another chiropractor today.  Unlike last week, I have to say I was disappointed.  This used car salesman doctor recommended I do chiropractic care in addition to oxygen treatments.  All for the low-low price of $6k, which is not billable to my insurance … even though I have unlimited chiropractic coverage.  While I was listening to his little speech Caterpillar was totally out of control.  I have no idea what to do about his little attitude.  He was hitting me, clawing my face, screaming a blood-curdling scream he does when he doesn’t gets what he wants, and throwing his shoes.

It was awesome and I was so proud.

When I got home, I reviewed the insurance again, and Dr. Muscles (from last week) is a covered provider under my chiropractic care, however when I called my insurance they said I had no acupuncture care.  However, on a whim, I looked up acupuncture care and there were a bunch of providers listed.  Dr. Muscle wasn’t listed under acupuncture, however I am hoping since he’s a covered provider, the whole thing will be covered.  We shall see.

The thing about Used Car Salesman was I actually found his treatments intriguing.  I believe in oxygen treatments and I saw my father in law have miraculous healing while using oxygen as part of his homeopathic recovery from Hepatitis.

So, now I am torn.  By the time we left the office, he’d agreed to about 50% of what he wanted, broken into 3 payments.  He said he couldn’t break them up anymore because of insurance law.  That kinda smelled like something bulls do after they eat, because I am on a two year payment plan for some unexpected medical things … but whateves.

I am trying hard not to let my desire to feel better cloud my judgment.  And I know I may not have to go the typical medical route, and I am okay with paying out of pocket for those services.  I am so thankful our insurance covers a lot of holistic and alternative medicines, but of course I understand they are just not fully covered … yet, and I am willing to pay for the care I want.

So, please keep the prayers a-comin’ as we make these crazy decisions.  I can feel Gods hands around me, and your prayers … and I love that!