We had our big ultrasound yesterday and as it turns out, as always, God is challenging me… with a boy. I am so nervous because I still don’t have Monkey figured out, and we are both made of sugar and spice. I am praying the addition of snails and tails does not make for a recipe of disaster.

The good news is I think Monkey will be slightly less jealous of Mouse because in addition to his extra body parts, his room, toys, etc. will be different from hers. Although, that being said, one thing I adore about Monkey is the fact she is not the typical anything. She has been blessed with a heart of God and is His princess, but she has no hesitation about pulling up her dress in order to get closer to the bugs and spiders in our yard. She already has the spirit and stubbornness of her mama, and the grace and forgiveness of her daddy. She’s funny and silly, but when she snuggles in and “cootchies” the connection is serious and unforgettable. She’s these things and more, and she’s only three. I can’t wait to see her take on the new challenge of big sister.

To demonstrate what a mix of personalities she is, I have attached a picture below. She told me yesterday she is a “bamerina”. Turns out this is some sort of fighting princess ballerina. All it requires is a fighting pose, accentuating the muscles of course, and a dress. The weary need not apply.

We asked Monkey before we went into the ultrasound one last time if she wanted a baby sister or baby brother. She said a baby brother. I was shocked. I thought my brain washing into ‘baby sister’ was stronger than that, but I suppose Daddy does have some melt down effect on the Chillemi girls. Anyway, when we told her she was going to have a baby brother, she changed her mind. The doctor explained there’s no take backs and maybe next time she will get a baby sister. She was upset and in an effort to calm her down we asked her for her vote on names. If we go with her, our new son will be named Caterpillar. Not a likely choice for a name, but I think we are going to do them in his room. Monkey has butterflies, so the symbolism is priceless. Here is the bedding we have picked out (in cloud color), and I am just going to have things here and there that reflect the bug life. I learned with Monkey’s nursery I don’t like to be tied into a theme, and much like our life right now – simple is better.

Yesterday brought a lot of laughs, some tears and a lot of nerves. But I know God doesn’t make mistakes, and if He feels I need a boy, then I am thankful.