This week has been quite interesting already and it’s only Wednesday.  I thought I ingested some gluten (and still haven’t ruled that out) which has led to flu-like symptoms.  Usually when I eat something I shouldn’t, I get the tummy ache for a while, my muscles feel weak and it passes in a day or two.  This time, it’s been ALL of the symptoms of the flu.  Wasn’t that nice detail I just shared with you?

Today I had a boudoir session.  Of all of the sessions to be scheduled when I am not at my best, because my standard backup shooter is Daddy and there is no way he’d do a boudoir session!  But, the client was so great and made it so fun!  I am uploading the pictures now, and I was reminded again of why I love these sessions – God made us all so beautiful!

I was scheduled to attend a task force meeting about one of the volunteer positions I have taken part in, but with the tummy issues I thought it was best for all involved parties if I bailed.  I can’t wait to dig back into that once I am feeling a bit better.

This weekend I get to go be a part of a new, itty-bitty life!  Tommy came into this world a few weeks early, but that’s all I am going to share for now.  I will spill the beans on that cutie-pie during his sneak preview.

So that’s about all I am up to – Barfing, Bums, Bailing and Babies …  aside from the first one (which I view as a minor speed bump) life is good!