Last night was our second Character Meal, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. This one looked like the most fun to me, and was scheduled to include Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, which are my kids faves.

We had been trying to get the tickets we’d ordered since we arrived, but they were having some sort of computer issues all week, so finally it was decided the best bet was to arrive an hour early. Not ideal with two little ones, but what can ya do?

After standing in line for the boat, along with everyone else who was told to come early for their tickets, Disney realized the natives were getting restless, and got a second boat to relieve some of the flow.

Once we got over to the campsite, it was more long lines, as they were doing everything manually. Our tickets were printed about two minutes before show time, and by the time we got inside, the only available seats were towards the back. We were so bummed since we’d booked this six months ago! Daddy ended up mentioning our frustration and they sent over a manager to talk to me. I explained part of the reason we came early is due to my allergy. (They have been preparing my GF food to order), and the chef went over my options and the manager explained where we were sitting was actually going to be awesome, as the white square in front of us is where a character will come dance all night.

The characters came out and did a center stage show that we mostly missed, but the Goofy (Caterpillar’s fave) came over to our little square, and danced alone with Monkey for at least thirty seconds before the other families caught on and moved in. The pictures are awesome, and I’ll add them as soon as I have actual Internet instead of my iPhone 3G.

Today’s weather was quite warm again, much to my Hashi flare ups dismay. My face swelled up so much it was hard to see. I had called my endo yesterday, hoping they’d just call something in, but they said it sounded so much like Lupus, they’d want to run tests before prescribing.

Totally understandable, but I was still totally bumming. I poked into a fist aid station today to see what, if anything, they could do. They put me on a free shuttle to the Urgent Care Center, where the doc came in, spent 3.2 seconds verifying it wasn’t an allergic reaction, and wrote me a script for Predisone and sent me on my way.

Ahhh. Finally some relief from the reaction that just about BBQ’d the fun out of our trip! One eye is almost back to normal, but within hours, it just felt so much better.

We are heading to the time share tomorrow morning, and I am really looking forward to the kids being in their own rooms! I’m hoping I’ll get to merge from mom mode, to wife and vacation mode very quickly now that the forecast includes some cooler temps, and a little less BBQ.