Since the glutenous-gluteny incident I have been a little down and out.  It is all I can do to make sure the kids are killing themselves or each other and even walking across the room to answer the telephone when it rings is somewhat of a chore. I often tell people that after I’ve eaten gluten, it feels like I got in a street-fight.  I say that as if I know what a street-fight feels like, but I do watch Law and Order, so I figure I’m good.  However, I could really go for a good nap.

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That being said, the migraine that took place today is a sign that I am on the mend.  I don’t know why, but the migraine happens, I throw some Aleve at it, and by early afternoon I am feeling much better.  It’s as though it’s the glutens final stand! 😛

The appraisal for our re-fi happened today, and I am pretty sure the appraiser could not have been nicer.  She told us we should know shortly what the final numbers are, but the entire time she was here she talked about how the comps in our neighborhood do not compare to our home because of the things we’ve done.

Don’t get me wrong, our home is not a show home or anything like that, and honestly most days it’s messy, but our home is loved by us and it is a reflection of the love our family shares. 

Sometimes when I am not feeling that great and we are stuck inside, I look around and see the parts of the house that annoy me.  Like the baseboards that need to be repainted, and the furniture that is dinged up.  I see the stove that is starting to look worn and the yard that needs maintained.

But, it’s days like today when I am reminded that the baseboards need paint because as Caterpillar was learning to walk, his push toy would bang them.  The furniture is well loved because our family loves to spend time together on it at night, and our journey group gathers here to eat and share lives.  Our stove has been used almost every day since we’ve moved in.  God has provided ample food to fill our bellies and He has even provided for the friends and family who visit.  We are lucky to have a yard that contains an area for my kids to play and a garden that grows our veggies and our hearts.

When I look around the home that was brand new when we moved in, I am reminded that every inch of our house has been loved by my family.  Every paint boo-boo, every scratch on the hardwood floors and every ding on the furniture is ours.

And for that, today, I am thankful.