I am sure you all are about sick of me always going on and on about the boudoir sessions that I love so dearly, but I can’t help myself. I just booked one for Melissa, and I am only sharing that with you because … well, she already told the whole darn internet.

I absolutely love her post about the emotion that comes with prepping for them.   The funny part is, she’s GORGEOUS and adventurous pretty much the perfect candidate for a boudoir session.  What makes her perfect for them?  The fact that she’s having fun with it!

So, to all the ladies out there who have been considering scheduling a session:  Perhaps you’ve looked them up online.  Perhaps you’ve even contacted me and asked questions.  Perhaps you are waiting for the baby weight to come off.  Or you want to be toned.  Or more blonde.  Or more … (fill in the blank with whatever you think you need to be more of)…Hear this:

You need to do this.  If not with me, with someone else.

There’s something about the sessions that sets a woman free.  And it’s not just the wine that I bring as part of the session.

The most common comment I deliver boudoir photos is “That’s me?!  I look so beautiful.”


Yes you do.

You need to see yourself He sees you.  As the camera sees you.  And as your husband and I see you.