After we purchased Bluto, I looked online and discovered Melody’s sister is the owner of She sells French and English Bulldogs and is also based in TX. I had looked at her website prior to purchasing Bluto, therefore I was not surprised to learn they were related since there are links to each others pages from their home pages. However, I was surprised to learn has claims against them from unhappy customers. People commented the dogs were sick upon arrival, and one had even died, however according to the claimant, the dog was not replaced.

There was also a claim against, indicating the claimant was upset the dog was tattooed (which was a surprise for us too when he arrived) and the dog had worms and parvo. Since these are not life threatening, no guarantee was honored.

As I said pretty clearly, these are claims made online, therefore I have no way of knowing how valid the claims are, nor do I know what both sides of the story is. The owner of was questioned by the local news and said she had no way of knowing the dog was sick, and the guarantee was not honored because the family did not have a vet complete the paperwork indicating the dog was sick within 72 hours, as stated in the contract.

I do know that we were surprised to see the tattoo upon arrival, as that was not disclosed to us prior to purchasing. But what is more disturbing is the vet told us yesterday he cannot feel his testicles. The vet said it could be an indication the dog is younger than listed on his paperwork, or he may not have any. Additionally, his paperwork claims he had shots at six weeks, which our vet stated is too young for shots therefore they are not effective and will need to be repeated in about a month. This is now a cost I have to incur. The dog also has loose stools, which could be a result of the changes he has gone through – or it may not be.

Prior to going to the vet, I emailed Melody at lobopuppies and requested the vet contact information (name, address, phone) in case our vet had questions. We had also been emailing about his registration, however she charges $200 to register the dog to us and stated the paperwork can take a very long time to come in. I asked her to forward me the paperwork since we are still undecided about registration and if we decide to do it, we can send in the papers and fees.

I have had no response from the email.

I did however have a response from an online campaign against the two companies. I asked if they had video of lobopuppies responding to the claims, or if the only response was from The response indicated the two companies are the same, and when received complaints they changed the name to

I emailed Melody again today with the same questions and now I am worried that since his paperwork will not be complete within 72 hours due to the pending fecal exam, she will void the one year health guarantee – which is one of the reasons we chose to purchase through her. Travis also called and left a voice message explaining we were concerned about the deadlines and had questions regarding the paperwork.

At this point we are praying the dog is healthy, and his testicles were just too small to feel. I pray his fecal results come back clean, and he does grow up to be a part of our family. We are praying Melody at just forgot to mention the tattoo, and she is living in Gods light as she alluded to before. We pray she has an honest heart and will do the right thing if Bluto is not in the condition that would be expected on a $2600 puppy. We pray she will have grace regarding the deadlines, seeing we are trying to do the best thing for the puppy by having complete and conclusive paperwork. But most of all, I pray God calms my heart and eases my worry. I pray I won’t have to explain to the two year old as she cries big ol’ puppy dog tears, that Bluto has gone to heaven. We pray these things in His name.

I will keep everyone posted on the progress, and please leave any suggestions you may have.