We had never wanted to pierce Monkeys ears while she was still a “baby”. The conversation would come and go, but we had decided every time she was still too little. As time went on, we decided that it was something we could do when she became a big sister. We put the idea out of our heads since that wasn’t going to happen for a while.

Well, as most of you have already heard she is going to be a big sister. Therefore, today we took the plunge and took her Jack and Jill’s Childrens salon and had the deed done. They were great with her and pierced both ears at the same time to avoid more pain and fear than necessary, and she did great! She cried for a little bit, but both of the women working said she did better than most little girls.

She does look a little more grown up now… Travis said about a year older. Even so, in our hearts, she will always be our baby.