We had Caterpillars 18 month appointment and ended up having a long discussion with our Pediatrician about all of the behavioral issues we’ve had with Caterpillar.  It was so funny to hear him talk about what he typically sees with children relating to birth order.  I have always been fascinated with the psychology of children, and even took a few classes in college relating to it, but now that I am a mom it makes it much more interesting for me.

He talked about how typically the first child is the ‘easy’ child.  He/She will be an overachiever and will often do a-typical things like sleep through the night quickly, learn to share faster than other children, etc.  That’s my Monkey.

The second child, as he put it ‘comes out fighting for everything’.  He/She will fight to have their place in the world and exhibit ‘me-me-me’ signs.  The second child often needs reminding of who is the head of the household, because they believe it should be them.  That’s my Caterpillar. 

Even when he was a baby there were times when I would think to myself ‘no way he’s doing that to be a stinker … he’s too young, right!?’

The good news is, he said the third child often exhibits a very relaxed attitude.  Easy come, easy go.  They are just happy to be part of the crowd.  So, with that insight, I can honestly say having a third doesn’t seem as scary as it has been lately when I think about it.  Now we just need the approval from the hippie doctor.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering … the fourth child?  The fourth child is like the lottery.  Totally unpredictable.

What do you guys think – do you see these characteristics in your own children, or in your siblings?  Do you guys think this is accurate, or just a stereotype that feeds into our kids personalities?

Daddy and I were chatting when we got home and this is his family to a T.  It’s so fascinating.  I need to make a library run and study up.

I should have plenty of time to read, now that I’ve been given the go ahead for the time out no matter how long he cries.