After the ultrasound on Tuesday I had some light spotting. Unfortunately, yesterday the spotting continued and progressed to more steady bleeding. We called the doctor and she said we should be fine to wait until today to get checked out.

We went in to the office today and after an ultrasound it was determined the baby no longer has a heartbeat. The doctor said there is a less than 5% chance of this happening, since the baby appeared to be in such good standing less than a week ago. However, for what ever reason God’s plan does not include this child with our family. The baby died just three days after our ultrasound – “Black Friday”, November 23, 2007. A year ago this time Monkey was having tubes put in her ears. This year we celebrated her big sister status and had her ears pierced.

It is just hard to believe that something that was so alive less than 7 days ago, is now gone. That being said, we know it is not without reason. While it is hard to accept, both Travis and I have taken great comfort in the fact that God does have a plan for us and He loves us and will take care of us… but oh how I would love to see what He sees right now.