I have been thinking a lot about perspective ever since Monkey decorated the Christmas tree and only decorated the bottom half. I offered several times to pick her up so she could reach higher, but really she wanted it decorated just for her line of sight.

Travis and I research most things. We are very internet savvy, and we don’t purchase anything without a lot of studying and prayer. Typically due to our personalities, Travis more does more of the research, and I more of the prayer, but both of us try to do what we feel God is leading us to do.

The same theory applied when we purchased a puppy from lobopuppies. However, this was something I had done most of the research on, and I felt like I convinced Travis to follow my lead. Then the dog was sick. Nothing life threatening, and nothing that makes us love him any less, but sick nonetheless. The following day I found the online articles about epuppypro and lobopuppies. I kept trying to tell myself there are always two sides to every story, and to focus on my situation. But, I was embarrassed since I pretty much told Travis ‘don’t worry, I’ve got this one’. I felt like I had let the family down, and I felt I trusted a stranger after just a few phone calls to do the right thing, and in my perspective that trust was misplaced.

After several conversations it occurred to me that Melody at lobopuppies was doing the right thing in her eyes. She had shipped the dog the day after we purchased him, and had followed the contract with regard to what she would and would not cover as far as the health guarantee. She has been running ragged due to the holiday season, and she has a family member who is very ill and in the hospital. Once she realized how I viewed the situation, she did offer to pay for our vet bills and she did order the pedigree with no charge to us. As I mentioned in a previous post, the money for the vet bills are not important to us. We just want the dog to be healthy, and care and upkeep of any pet is to be expected. We are not going to send her the bills, but it restored my faith that she offered, and it instantly changed my view of the situation.

As I look at my two year old who is peacefully sleeping, I admire her. I love that God has blessed her with innocence and purity. She keeps things simple. As long as she has love, food on the table and a roof over her head, she is truly happy. She doesn’t judge the messy house or the burned dinner. She doesn’t notice when daddy’s late from work because of traffic, or the fact that mom usually buys everything on sale.

Even though I know my knowledge and experiences are a gift from God, I believe being naive is also a gift. I pray this Christmas, even for just a moment, God gives me the clarity needed to see the Christmas tree and our new puppy the way she does; in a totally different perspective.