We heard back from the vet today regarding Blutos fecal exam. He has giardia and worms in addition to the other problems mentioned previously (very dry skin and possibly no testicles). The giardia and worms are the cause of the loose stools (hopefully). The good news is these are very treatable things, but the fact that they were never treated is a reflection on the poor conditions it can be assumed he was living in. The vet said it was impossible he got these things while in our care since we have only had him since Monday night.

Therefore we have paid over $100 in vet care for a dog we have had less than 72 hours (and that was after the vet gave us a free sample of the first prescribed medication)… so it begins.

Melody at lobopuppies did email me back after the prior post and indicated she has been very busy. She agreed to accept our vet records even though they were not faxed within 24 hours since we were waiting for a complete set of tests. So, that is good news.

However, as most of you know my spiritual gift of discernment is sometimes a gift, and sometimes a curse. In this case I really have started to feel as though all of the information available was not provided to us. I really want things to work out, but in my heart I still feel as though something is not right.

I did email Melody again and explained what the vet found. I told her I was very disappointed by the fact that we may not have the option to breed him, and the fact that the dog we paid a lot for now has a disease that can be spread to my two year old daughter.

I still can’t help but sit here and wonder why she wouldn’t release all of the information she could to us. It is possible she didn’t have all of the information. Perhaps the vet provided lousy care and didn’t test for these things. Perhaps he didn’t notice the dog didn’t have testicles. There are a million things that could justify these issues, however the fact remains that lobopuppies belongs to Melody. She is responsible as the business owner. If she selected a poor vet, I feel as though that is her problem and she should do the responsible thing and pay us back for the vet care at the very least.

That may sound harsh because the reality of the situation is she is trying to sell these dogs as fast as she can, and by doing so, she assumes some additional liability. And to protect her business, I feel she should do what she needs to do to make us happy. We had considered buying a second pup in the future, and most likely at this point we will be looking for another seller. My sister in law is thinking about buying a pup – again a lost sale for lobopuppies. This blog which has a pretty good following by this point, and others on the internet hurt her business. Already if you google lobopuppies.com or epuppypro.com the first page includes complaints. She has an opportunity here to make sure we aren’t added to that list. Those things hurt a business more than a business owner can ever know.

But, if she doesn’t I suppose it is between her and God and I have to let it go, focus on Bluto, and continue to pray for his healing.