After capturing The Justice Run yesterday, we were all tired and cranky.  We picked up lunch on our way home and planned on eating and napping.

Monkey was making small talk in the back seat, and she very matter-of-factly mentioned that I was boring.  She wasn’t being mean in any way … just honestly stating her opinion.


I started reflecting on this, and the more that I think about it, I am boring! I enjoy things like volunteering and bookclubs.  I look forward to cooking a good meal, and prefer comfy to cute when it comes to shoes.

My favorite thing to do is just spend time just hanging out and doing this:

Guess that’s not very exciting to a six year old.

I’m not saying I can’t tell a good joke … oh wait.  I can’t.  I am the worlds worst joke teller.


Guess I’ll have to work on this.  Don’t want Monkey getting bored with me just yet.  We have her teenage years for that.