Sooooo…. even though there hasn’t been much activity on the blog side as far as photography, that doesn’t mean I am not busy!  I offered specials on my boudoir sessions for Valentines Day, and I have had bookings beyond Vday that have been keeping me busy.

What’s interesting to me, is how much I absolutely love these sessions.  Not in a freaky-perv sort of way, but they are just so sweet to me on so many levels.

I only do the sessions for married women, and most of them are doing the sessions for their husbands.  And, as much as I love those, I love the ones that are just for her even more.

I am not sure if I love looking through my lens and seeing something that God crafted especially for man, or if it’s the empowering feeling people tell me they get after I provide the images.  Or perhaps it’s the fact that I get to feed the imperfect artsy side of my work.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I’d like to think in some small way I could be strengthening or repairing a marriage  … Either way, it’s just so much fun!

So, in light of my newfound obsession love for this style of photography, I am giving half off to anyone who mentions this post when booking a boudoir session from now until April 1st, 2010.  I will also throw in 5 4×6 prints (or smaller if you’d like some for him to tuck behind his license in his wallet 😉 )

Don’t forget: The same rules still apply: Don’t let the money deter you.  If you are interested, contact me and we’ll figure out payment plans.  These sessions are something you, your hubbie and your relationship can’t afford to miss out on, ladies!