As some of you know, the last couple of weeks have been hard.  Daddy had vacation time, and unfortunately that was right around the time that I wasn’t feeling all that great.  We had big plans to do things, which fell through for financial reasons, but that’s not what was bothering me.  The fatigue was back and I simply could not spend any time outside without feeling totally zapped.  So much for an enjoyable summer vacation, right?  To top it all off, I ran out of medication right at the end of his few days off.

I was only out of pills for a couple of days, but it felt like an eternity.  I was drained.  The strange part is, when I start to feel the symptoms of Hashimotos, the mental challenge is almost as bad as the physical.  I start to tell myself that I am just going to feel this way, and I need to figure out a way to make it work.  I feel bad for disappointing the family who is patiently waiting for me to go outside and be fun again.  I feel like the Hashi’s gets to determine who I am and how I behave, yet I feel so tired and apathetic that I cannot change it.

Once I got the medication again, I didn’t bounce back as quickly as I have in the past.  It was a good week before I actually felt like me again.  Yesterday was the first day, and it was a great reminder to me that I don’t have to feel like poop.  God knew I needed that reminder.

And even though I woke up today, instantly sad that today didn’t feel as great as yesterday, I faithfully took my meds and I am left wondering did I push myself too hard yesterday?  Did I eat something I shouldn’t have?  Was the 10 minutes I was outside during the day too much?

I am going to a chiropractor tomorrow for the first time ever.  Someone had recommended one to me and mentioned they can often help with the symptoms of Hashi’s by relieving some of the joint pain and allowing the organs to perform as they should.  I’m not too optimistic, but I am looking forward to trying something new.  Another chiro I had emailed for more info called from his vacation today (!) and said that his wife has Hashi’s and he’s designed a complete program with her feedback to help with the symptoms.  He’s sending me a DVD with all of the information.  I might schedule something with him as well.  My insurance is covering all of this, so that’s one less worry.

I haven’t moved from the Hippie Doctor yet, but I am considering it.  He’s about an hour from my house and I am not sure he’s able to do much more for me at this point.  He changed my diet, and that was good, but now we are in the same up and down without rhyme or reason pattern.  I haven’t lost any weight (Although Daddy has lost about 30 lbs and is almost allergy free!!).

Anywho, this post makes me sound like I am cranky, and really I’m not.  We’re doing good.  I was able to get some things caught up yesterday, and I am well enough to work on some more today.  Eclipse is being released tomorrow, and we’re going tomorrow night.  I was hoping a big group could be coordinated, but it’s looking like it will be just Daddy, my sister and I.  We’re getting a sitter for the first time, and I am pretty stoaked about that!

Hope you are all as blessed as I am!