We had Journey Group last week, and we had a new family join us.  That’s always a bit funny to me, because it immediately takes me back to junior high school thoughts of wondering will they like me, will I say something stupid… blah blah. The whole thing is redunkulous.  Especially because the family that joined us is one we already know and love.  Did I mention our kids are two peas in a pod? booklyn-and-cullen_002 Best buddies, I tell ya. They started out saying they were boyfriend and girlfriend and had planned to kiss under the bed, so no one would know. brooklyn-and-cullen_001 Us moms squashed that notion, until college.  I was surprised how easily they agreed. So best buddies it is.  For now. brooklyn-and-cullen_003 By the way, if you are interested in all of the funny things he brings to the table, check out their new blog. Be sure and show them some love via the comments section.  Us bloggers love that!