Caterpillar is getting so big!  He just turned 10 months old, and I have to admit now when Daddy says it’s time to have another one, I tend to agree.

I cannot believe how much Monkey absolutely adores Caterpillar.  She will sing and dance for him for hours.  Even when he was just a few days old, she wanted to help care for him.  So, we made up a song together that we still sing for him today.

Lucky for you, I didn’t record us singing it, so you’ll just have to sing it to yourself…

Buddy Boo-Boo…


We love you!


You’re our cootchie-coo…


Our Buddy-Boo-E-Boo.

We have spent hours singing those words, and about a million different versions of that song.  And even though it’s silly, and no one even knows what half the words mean, I love that his big sister loves him enough to play along.  She wants to include him.   She tries to make him clap and dance.  She makes funny faces while she sings.  She adores him.

And I hope that never changes.