I had to take my Prednisone today. I wasn’t happy about it, but I was less happy about the wasted Father’s Day we all had on Sunday due to my flare up.

Just when I had written about how great I’ve been feeling – BAM! The sun and stress took me out. I thought the sun-burn I had was doing okay. I thought the counseling went okay last week – Daddy was stressed, but I was feeling alright.

So I thought.

Such is life, I suppose.

The problem with taking my steroid is it’s such a commitment. I have to step down off of them, so when I take them, I take them for 5 days. Kind of a bummer.

That being said, I haven’t taken one since April, and I used to take them daily … so I have been very blessed. I still feel much more in control of the Lupus, instead of it controlling me. I can tell healing has happened.

Getting sunburned after sitting in the shade, courtesy of the reflection from the pool? Well, that just seems cruel.

But now that I know the game this ol’ Lupus is playing, I can beat it.

It hasn’t beat me. Not yet, anyway.

My mom is convinced that because I’m Italian, it’s impossible for me to have any sun issues. I was always a ‘brown baby’ in the summer, after all. I can, and should, just will this all away. Bless her heart. How I wish I could!

While I’m not believing that, I do believe that I can control the symptoms a little bit better then I have.

So back on the straight and narrow I go. Time for lots of smoothies and yummy, healthy food. Time to take my steroids, learn my lesson, and move on.

Just a little bump in the road.