My sister in law, Sandy, was due Sunday.  However, Isabella Reese made her appearance yesterday!  Sandy was in labor starting Wednesday at 3am (sidebar:why do babies always have to wake you up, even before they are born!?) and for the entire day her contractions were about six minutes apart.  Then finally at the end of the day they started speeding up and the anticipation started climbing.

I baked some cookies for everyone who was going to wait out in the waiting room.  I had talked to one of my other sister in laws, and found out she could not attend because her kids had strep.  I was excited to get the opportunity to capture the event through my photos, and I couldn’t wait to go over.  I’m not one to take pictures of the whole show, if you know what I mean, but I thought pictures of everyone waiting, the grandparents faces when Bobby came out with the news… you know – capture the emotion of the day/night.

Then I talked to my mother in law.

After a few conversations she made it clear she didn’t want me there.  No, she didn’t say that, but she doesn’t ever say exactly what she means, but her message was clear.  I felt totally deflated.  So, I didn’t go, but I made Daddy go.  This was Sandy’s first baby and Daddy is her only brother.

He didn’t take the camera, so I have no photo to share.  However, she was born Thursday morning and mom and baby are healthy and happy.

I was pretty bummed, but I am starting to accept it.  My mother in law has never really liked me, and I have always said I’d much rather have everyone be honest and open, then fakey-fake.  So, from that perspective I am very glad she is being more true to her feelings.  Although, I did kind of feel like an idiot for practically pushing myself on them since I had no idea.

But, no worries.

I had about a million cookies to comfort me.