For the last few days I have been sick, on top of the morning sickness I have been blessed with. My head is so congested I can’t breathe through my nose and I wake up with a pounding headache almost every day.

Although I am not feeling great physically, my prayer goes out to the people who are suffering in their hearts. We have another holiday coming up, and a pretty major holiday in my opinion. And even though Easter is just around the corner, once again my family cannot seem to put their love for God above all else and celebrate His eternal life together.

We made the choice early in our marriage to forget about “dates” of holidays and focus on the time spent together. My mother works retail and often is not off on a specific holiday, therefore it is common we celebrate before or after the actual day. My mother in law is very understanding and pretty much works around whatever we ask her to, while trying to get the entire family together. My father usually doesn’t call until two days before, so we usually end up scrambling at the last minute to arrange an hour here or there with him.

Due to the timing of my head fog this year, I didn’t call around and make a bunch of plans with each “family” we celebrate with. The only person I called was my mother, and I left a message asking if she would be interested in just going to dinner one night to celebrate. I figured if there was no clean up and no pressure, she might bless us with her presence. However, when she returned my call she was clearly upset and unable to make plans. So, we accepted the invitation to my mother in laws and I am really looking forward to spending the day there. They have really been such a blessing in our lives and to our daughter, and have shown us a love that we will be forever grateful for.

As far as the family I won’t see this weekend, I pray as they attend service on Easter Sunday the image of Jesus nailed to the cross reminds them they can nail their worries right along side of him. I pray God breathes life into their hearts, and in doing so His breath blows off the negative fog that is currently surrounding their hearts… because He can see through the fog and He created you for a purpose. When we allow the fog to consume our vision, we no longer see Him as clearly as we should. His plans go to the wayside and over time will be forgotten. And that kind of congestion is tragic.