Even though I’ve been working a ton, I love to include the daily happenings in our lives.  I’d love to think some day, I’ll give this to my kids in some form: either printed out through blurb, or perhaps I’ll just sign the keyboard over to them someday to carry it on.  Who knows.  Monkey has already asked if she can have my backup camera as her own, so perhaps she’d love to be a crazy ol’ blogger and photographer like her mama.

Tomorrow we are getting new carpet installed in our living room and Monkey’s new room. A good friend told us about Sloanes Carpet Secret.  They deal only in irregular carpet, which worked well for us, because the living room and bedroom are both square/rectangular with nothing too fancy or special about them.  Some of the things that may be irregular in the carpet is it may be cut 11 foot 11 inches wide, instead of 12 foot, the color may be tinted too light or too dark for factory specs, or as in our case, the flecks are irregular.  Daddy got to take a peek at it when we signed off on the irregularity, and he said he couldn’t even tell.  They are specks – aren’t they supposed to be irregular?!  Anywho, we got the carpet at a steal of a deal and we’re super stoaked.

We are doing Monkey’s room as part of her move to the main floor, but we also did the carpet because there are hundreds of unrecognizable stains all over it.  Sometimes I spend way too much time wondering if it’s ketchup, blood or paint that I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed with no avail.  On top of that, I’m pretty sure the stains multiply like Gremlins after midnight.

We’ve been working with a local woodshop to create Monkey’s full-sized loft bed and the best part is, we are trading photography and web work for his creation.  (I’m sure if you clicked the link, you’ll see the old site.  Stay tuned on that, and I’ll shamelessly plug Daddy’s work when it’s done.)

The bed will have a desk and cubbies below, and I’m pretty stoaked.   I’m hoping the cubbies will be big enough for these adorable stand up cubes, which I found through a good friend who works with Thirty-One.

If you don’t know what Thirty-One is, you have to check them out.  Their stuff is SO cute and very affordable.  If you are a mommy looking for extra cash, hit Julie up.  She likely won’t hand you over any extra cash, but she’ll show you how to make your own.  She started with Thirty-One not too long ago, and it’s been fun to watch her succeed … in part because the stuff is so cute and it sells itself, but also because the company isn’t everywhere (like Pampered Chef, Southern Living, etc.).  AND it’s a Christian company.

**Note: I don’t work for Thirty-One, and I get nothing for mentioning them or my friend’s page.  I could fall off the face of the earth tomorrow, and they wouldn’t bat an eyelash**

Anywho, I also ended up getting Monkey an American Girl doll for her birthday.  As you know, I think the only thing creepier than doll eyes, is clowns.

This is truly a gift of love.

And, I must admit, she’s a really cute doll, and it was lots of fun to go pick her and some outfits out … and those shoes ~ It’s like getting to shop for a baby, without having the commitment of sleepless nights and an open checkbook for the next 18 years.

Once I got past the thousands of beady little eyes, I actually enjoyed myself.  It also helped that I got to come home and throw her in the basement until February.  She’ll know who’s boss by then.

Anywho, I’ll be back in a bit.  I’m uploading some newborn pictures now, which is always exciting … especially because the boy is actually napping and I can hear myself think!