As you may remember, Monkey named Caterpillar back when I was preggers.

She has always have a love for all things bug related and lately her brother has been no exception.  It makes my heart swell to see them (finally) getting along.

A couple of weekends ago, Monga came over to help in my yard.  With my sun allergy, I haven’t been able to do much out there, and Daddy’s been working like mad to pay off debt and make our vacation reservations.  I wouldn’t say the yard is in horrible condition, but Monga offered to come over and make it so we wouldn’t have to do as much maintenance overall, so we jumped on the opportunity.

About a month ago we had questioned our HOA on some things such as the lack of communication between the HOA and residents (ie. Their main form of communication is a newsletter “as needed”, so we asked how we were supposed to know if we missed it), we made a suggestion at that time for a Facebook page to be started since it was free, and residents could stay in the loop.  Our request was denied.  We asked why our trash wasn’t being picked up until about 8pm when we were supposed to have it out by 7am – resulting in trash all over the hood.  They explained the trash company has offered them a refund, and upon questioning confirmed they would not be passing that refund on to residents.  I complained on Facebook to my friends.  Catty?  Probably.  I’ll admit it wasn’t my finest moment.

Two weeks later we received a stack of violations in the mail including:

  • Our lattice is white instead of cream like the trim on our house
  • We left a child toy on our front porch overnight
  • Weeds in our backyard

Most of the letters were duplicative, so I’m not sure if they had them and forgot to mail them out, or if they felt like multiple wordings would make a bigger impact.  Either way, I couldn’t help but feel it was just a bit retaliatory.  After all, our offensive white lattice has been there for three years and has a vine growing up it, therefore why the color matters is beyond me.

Back to Monga.  When she found out how severe my reactions have become to the sun, she graciously offered to come make my yard almost maintenance free.  She told us what plants to go buy, and because of the time of year, we got some great deals.  She helped Daddy plant them, and worked like mad for three days making things look great.

I got a letter today from our HOA that we have a dead bush.  I laughed because Monga was convinced she could save the bush.  I wasn’t.  It became her personal challenge.  Guess not any more.

While Monga and Daddy were working in the backyard, Monkey and Caterpillar played like the best of friends.  Until Monkey did some kung-fu move off the play yard and landed square on her bottom.  She cried.  I came running, as did Daddy.  Mid-wail she stopped and pointed at Daddy’s shoe.

“A caterpillar!”

Sure enough a caterpillar was on the side of Daddy’s shoe.

We brought him inside, read all about him, bought him a home and all was right with the world again.

Well, except for the HOA.  Those people may never be right in my book.