We had our home visit yesterday and while it was short and sweet, she provided a lot of information about the process.

Our evaluation appointment is scheduled for the 28th of this month, and after that evaluation it will be determined if Caterpillar is behind enough to qualify for services.  They base this qualification off of the average for his age, and since he was born three weeks early, they actually count from his due date, meaning they are looking to see if he is on target for kids that were born the last week of November… so 17 month olds. 

They roughly take the bottom 7% of that average and provide services through the county.

I mentioned to her that we have seen a lot of improvement lately, and she once again recommended completing the process and if we qualify and he starts running, we simply cancel or set another goal.

So, that’s about it.  That’s where we are.  On one hand I am hoping they evaluate him and say there’s nothing to worry about.  On the other, it would be nice to get him some help, as nothing we are doing seems to create any change.

Oh, and last night it felt like he didn’t sleep a wink, and today wasn’t much better.  And he’s back to not eating.  So through the process we plunge!