We had Caterpillars evaluation yesterday.  It was early (okay 8am, but for this family, that’s early) and they told us it could last up to four hours so I was nervous about how we’d all be behaving by the time it was all said and done.

We arrived and I realized I’d forgotten to bring my proof of residency.  Whoops.  We were about to send Daddy home to grab it when the lady offered to look it up online.  How nice is that?  She found it for us and minutes later we met the PT and the Audiologist. 

They began testing Caterpillar through a series of games and he did great.  He was interacting and responding and there was not a tantrum in sight.  He didn’t do everything they asked him to, but he did quite a bit – on his own terms.

During the wrap up, the conclusion was basically this:  Caterpillar is a visual learner.  He seems to take it all in visually and ‘figure it out’ mentally prior to jumping in and trying things.  He will do things, but not on command.  The world is his and he will only do what he wants to, when he wants to.  When he is pushed to do something he doesn’t want to, a tantrum starts.  This isn’t always a bad thing, as it is very age appropriate, but he’s very frustrated when things don’t work the way they should, or when his motor skills (which are normal for his age) cannot keep up with what he wants to do.

Basically, all of his issues are considered “temperament”.


All of that time and money to determine he’s a spitting image of the defiant two year old me, that my mom loves to share stories about.

Joking aside, I am glad we did it.  It was a way to confirm what we had originally thought – he’s a little slower in some things, but seems pretty smart. My brother was actually like that.  The guy is genius, but very late to talk.  Why?  He didn’t have a need to.  He was plenty occupied in his own mind.

The challenge: to keep a child like that engaged.  Back to my brother – he didn’t get his high school diploma.  It was boring to him so he never went.  Even when he was in elementary school, the teachers felt challenged by him because he was so smart he’d ask questions that they weren’t prepared for.  Sounds strange, I know, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

So, Caterpillar is different from Monkey, but had he been my first, I likely wouldn’t have thought much about it.  He still isn’t walking, but honestly, he crawls so fast that I’m not sure I’d want to slow down to learn to walk either – the crawling is working for him!

As far as our day-to-day, I am trying to have patience and go about things with a new perspective.  I need to throw almost everything I know about mothering out the window, as those rules do not apply.

Man, I need to get to the library and pay my fine.  Turns out it’s not Caterpillar, but me, that has a whole lotta learning to do.