Why is the second you hang up the phone after speaking to a behavior specialist, your non-walking, very-little-talking 18 month old doubles his vocabulary?  I am not sure why, but I am guessing it’s along the same lines of the miraculous healing that goes on the second you pay the co-pay at the pediatricians office.

As a result of the phone call that appears to have set all of this in motion, we have a home visit scheduled for Wednesday.  So, if things go as they seem to so far, Caterpillar should be running by then.  So look out, world.  Things are going to get hairy around here.

However, now that I’ve said that’s what is going to take place, he’ll make sure that he doesn’t.  And before I lose you all with the whole double negative thing, let me simplify: My kids love to make me look like a liar.

But, all things considered, when I reflect back on the last year and a half, me looking a liar isn’t so bad.  Especially if it means Caterpillars Chaos can turn into Caterpillars Calmness.

Although he is a boy.