One of my favorite summer time meals is charcuterie.

They are simple to throw together, they don’t heat up the kitchen, and there’s always something for everyone. It’s fun to gather around the table and just NOSH.

Our kitchen island is a butcher block, and when we have more than just our family to feed, it makes the perfect charcuterie table.

What are you favorite foods on the charcuterie board?

I am not fancy with mine, but I do love veggies with dips, meats, cheese, fruit and something sweet.  Usually chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered almonds. I like to sneak in my favorite cranberry cheese, and some caprese sticks as a nod to my Italian mama.

If you missed it on my Facebook page, I’m going to do a little giveaway for some of my favorite charcuterie tools. Check it out here, if you’re a Facebook user!