We arrived in San Diego, ate at In N Out (yum!) found our hotel (which was actually a motel), shopped at the local WalMart for hygiene products that we didn’t want to fly with, and called it a night.

Trust me, after flying with two little ones (who did amazing!), realizing our hotel was a little underwhelming, and enduring WalMart in the ghetto, we were wiped.

We got up early the next day and headed out for our first adventure – Legoland.  My kids aren’t really into the Lego craze, but it looked pretty cool online, so off we went!

We rode rides together, Monkey rode her first ‘big-girl’ ride, I picked Albert Einsteins nose, Monkey performed in a skit and we met Legoman.  All in all, a good day!

However, I have to admit, if the tickets had cost much more, I’d recommend people skip it.  That being said, for all of your CO peeps, it’s about the price of Elitches, and much, much better.

Happy Vacation!