Monga called Daddy today and asked to have coffee.  There has been a world-war going on in our family for quite some time, so understandably so he’s not sure if he wants to do it.  I think at this point he’s going to agree to go to find out what she wants to talk about, but the whole thing has us both on edge and cranky.

Last time she called for coffee, she brought up guilt she’d been carrying around for 20 years regarding something Daddy really had no feeling toward whatsoever, so it’s up in the air what she’d like to talk about.

We just saw her last week, when she came to one of Monkey’s cheerleading games, which ended in her just walking off and when Daddy chased her down she said we didn’t make her feel welcome.  So, perhaps it’s about that ??

Papa’s health doesn’t seem to be swinging in the ‘good’ direction much any more, but the info we get about that side of the family is cryptic at best … I am praying that he is not the reason for the coffee talk.

Please just keep Daddy in your prayers over the next few days.  I’m not sure when their date will be, but I can tell it’s wearing on us already and all she did was call.



P.S. My camera should arrive tomorrow!! Woot-woot!