We bought our camper new last year, and The Papa was pretty clear that he was not in favor of me making changes until changes were needed.

I quickly learned NEED is subjective when it comes to RV remodels … because really NONE of it is needed, amirite?

BUT, we didn’t love our booth style table. The whole “can you get up so I can pee / get food / let the dog out, etc.” got old really quick. We eat outside as much as possible when we are camping, but we do play cards and games all night.

Additionally, the couch was too small for all of us to sit together. There’s a fireplace / tv across from it, but people would have to sit in the booth in order to watch anything as a family, which we do when it’s raining too hard to go outside.


I removed them both.

It turns out, these things are just screwed in with regular old screws.  They aren’t screwed into the frame, and they are literally added AFTER things like carpet, etc, so I removed them both and had a blank slide to play with.

I decided to go BIG and purchased TWO loveseats from IKEA. What’s nice about IKEA couches is you can put them together inside of the camper, AND they are lightweight. Both of those things make them ideal for projects like mine!

These collection is modular, however the loveseat is meant to attach to a couch, so we had to do a little “custom” work.  We simply build a little leg in the middle of the two loveseats.

This collection is wide enough for The Boy to sleep on as well, so we aren’t worried about losing the jackknife couch or the booth bed (neither of which are comfortable AT ALL).  This gives him a GREAT place to snooze, and there’s even room for one of the dogs.

Plus, it’s not dark, dark, dark, like the furniture I removed.

If there’s any advice I’d offer after doing a project like this, it’s this:


Travel trailers don’t really hold their value – make it your own and enjoy it while you have it!

We will be taking our first trip after the addition of the couch next week – but we’ve already been enjoying it as we work on other projects … like removing the bunkhouse!

As far as where we will eat, we still plan to eat outside as much as possible, but when we are forced in, we bought these TV trays from Target. The couch gave us the perfect amount of leftover space to store them, and they are a great size for a quick meal or games.

I’d love to see what you’re working on in your RV! Link me in the comments, or comment with details!