Ahhhh.  Springtime.

Can you feel it?

I can.  Mother’s Day is next week, and I am SO excited.

Every year we go to Tagawa gardens and check out all of the unique things they have there.  They do hot dogs, have live entertainment and it’s always a good time.  After I absorb all of the yummy goodness of the experience, I go to another garden shop to actually make purchases.  I love Tagawa, but they are a bit pricey.

I’ve been a bit behind on life, so I’m trying to focus and get reorganized this spring.  I’ve made the commitment to take on leading Monkey’s Daisy troop, and I’ve committed to leading the Communication Team for her school.


Thinking about it makes me a bit overwhelmed, but I’m sure once things are kicked off, it will be fine.  Better than fine.  It will be fun!

If nothing else I get to tease Daddy about the fact that he is the Web Chair for the school, and it turned out, he’s solo in the journey.  He’s a committee of one.  At least I have a couple of partners in crime.

I’ve outlined the plans for the Comm Team and I sketched out how I’d like to break up the Daisy troop responsibilities.  Now I just have to find volunteers to join me on this crazy ride!

I was able to lasso my gal pal into joining Communications, and I was lucky enough to have someone step into one of the larger divisions of the team before I joined.  Yay! I love when a plan falls into place.

I was also able to meet with one troop mom who I adore, and she’s praying over which role (if any) will ultimately be the best fit for her and her work schedule. I’m thinking if I can at the very least find a good Co-Leader for the troop, life will be good.  So, if you can toss some prayers my way, I’d appreciate it!

Other than those two big things, navigating my role and process with NILMDTS, and livin’ the dream of a SAHM with a wild and crazy boy.

Did you think I meant Caterpillar?!

So, really I’m just sitting around eatin’ Bon-Bons and waiting for the daisies in my garden to pop up.

C’est la vie!