The Girl has finally found her groove.

We were optimistic about this school year, and so far it has exceeded our expectations.

We decided to separate from Girl Scouts, which was a small bump, but has blessed us more than we imagined. The Girl is in a blended 2nd and 3rd grade class, but her Girl Scout troop was 2nd grade. That didn’t seem like a big deal at first, because she has been with those girls since Kindie. However, she doesn’t have lunch with them (her mixed class eats with the 3rd graders), her voyage was with the 3rd graders, and she’s sort of broken away from most of the kids not in her class … Which was all of the Girl Scouts from her troop. She still likes many of them, but just doesn’t get a lot of time with them.

I’ve heard a lot that sometimes there’s hesitation when having an isolated GT class because it really doesn’t represent the world we live in, but so far we are feeling great about it. Brooklyn finally has friends who ‘get’ her and as a result, her confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.

I’ve watched this confidence transfer into all areas of her life. She is a more confident and committed swimmer, and she even went for a solo singing part in her class play! She didn’t get it, and was very disappointed, but honestly I was proud of her for even trying!

She’s the more mature version of the Kindie she used to be, and nothing like the 1st grader that she was.

Sadly, I didn’t realize how different she’d become, until she came back to herself. She’s just so incredibly comfortable in her own skin now.

Hard to explain, but I love it.

Since we’ve all been feeling a little more relaxed, we decided to adopt this baby:


All 90lbs of her. She’s underweight right now, so we are hoping she balances out around 120-130lbs.

She’s a year old, and the only complaint so far is she is not potty trained. The adoption agency didn’t have any info to pass along on her, so when Daddy adopted her (oh, that’s right – he surprised me with her!!), she didn’t even know her name. She quickly learned her name, so once the pooping on my carpet stops, all should be good. She’s the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever seen. She picked Monkey as her person almost immediately, and Molly lights up when she can hear or see The Girl. It’s pretty awesome.

With that, I’m off to shower – I love you all more than my luggage.