For some strange reason, whenever we need Monkey to do something like clean up something or help us take laundry downstairs, if we use a robot voice, the job gets done a lot quicker.  I know we are weird, but just roll with it.

Daddy and I watched the movie Nine last night and prior to the movie starting there was a preview for a Harrison Ford movie.  Daddy and I have always said Harrison Ford looks (and often plays characters like) my dad.

So, I’ll throw it out to you:

Harrison Ford:

[singlepic id=1139 w=576 h=432 float=center]

And, my Dad:

[singlepic id=1138 w=576 h=432 float=center]

These pictures perhaps don’t do it justice, but seriously, (using robot voice):

Harrison Ford and my dad could be brothers. Confirm or Deny?

Here’s a little more weird trivia about us.  We almost named Caterpillar Harrison.  And the kid looks a lot like my dad.

(using robot voice again)

Caterpillar looks like my dad, and should have been named Harrison since Harrison Ford and my dad could be brothers.  Confirm or Deny?

[singlepic id=1140 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Please ignore the dirty face.  He’s a boy.  And he’s a second child.  His face is hardly ever clean.

Can’t wait to see what ya’ll think!