The past few days have been nuts, but we made it!

Today I was feeling run down, so I decided to try a new yoga routine. I downloaded one from DirecTv, and sat down in starting position.

The Boy comes up, quietly sat down, and crossed his legs in his best effort to mirror me.

We get started, and about 30 seconds into the video, the instructor says “uuuuhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm”

The Boy stops … looks up at my face, and cracks up laughing.

I started laughing, mostly because he was laughing so hard. It made me realize how big he’s gotten over the summer. The fact that he understood the humor in that situation made me realize how his little brain works so differently than even The Girl; who sometimes appears oblivious to even the most obvious social queues.

I was recanting the story to Daddy over the phone, and The Boy couldn’t wait to talk to Daddy about it. He described what happened perfectly, then told Daddy “I was cracking my egg!!”

I. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

I thought about not telling him the phrase is in fact “I was cracking up!”, and Daddy reminded my of when The Girl used to say “Bing-Bong” for the doorbell sound.

What grown up phrases have your kiddos innocently botched to everyone’s delight?

THIS is why everyone should have a blog. 😉